Annenberg, what to expect…


A strong sense of European tradition, with roots from a deeper well of more ancient civilizations. He draws our attention to Nature as a contemplation of our corporeal abode, fascinating, abundant with variety yet ever-changing.

He turns our minds within – to the fantastic realms where consciousness is un-confined.

He brings us to a meditation on that which lies beyond. From magnificent skies, to the grandest mountains, the bluest oceans, the most picturesque waterfalls, the most luxuriant foliage, the most splendid creatures.

It is as though the dust of millennia accumulated on our own eyes was washed away, enabling us to experience the wonder of the visible world like that of a newborn, of Paradise lost regained!

The Primal, The Archetypal, the Mythological, the Ancient, these have an intriguing fascination for Andrew.

It is the timelessness, the enduring nature of the spirit that he captures, yet his approach is thoroughly modernistic in concept.

In the case of the immediate, tangible environment around us he represents the loftiest of Man’s achievements, the most noble aspirations manifested as architecture, sculpture, craftsmanship; Man’s record of his cosmic discoveries.

Through the eyes this visionary artist we witness the creativity of a Supreme Intelligence down even to the smallest atom, and even within that, the microcosmic existence of worlds within worlds, all perfect, all divine and ever enchanting; the River of Time, teeming with the diversity of Life, flowing from Eternity to infinity.

This talent with which Andrew has been endowed is a royal gift that is shared with joyful appreciation for all that is magnificent, all that is sacred, a simple and yet profound statement for the benefit and pleasure of all mankind.

excerpts from ~Richard Letney, R.C.A,, M.A.

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