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AndrewA_Portrait_2001Andrew Annenberg invokes a strong sense of the European tradition present within his paintings from Breughel to Dali, but, in fact, his roots have drunk deeper from the well of more ancient civilizations.

From the font of inspiration handed down by the gods and the muses, culture has been bequeathed to the race of man, raising him above the subhumans and giving him his rightful birthright, the ability to express the Divinity within.

In Andrew we partake of a genuine renaissance in the confused area of what fine art really is today. He draws our attention to Nature as a contemplation of our corporeal abode, fascinating, abundant with variety yet ever-changing. He turns our minds within – to the fantastic realms where consciousness is un-confined. He brings us to a meditation on that which lies beyond.

In the case of the immediate, tangible environment around us he represents the loftiest of Man’s achievements, the most noble aspirations manifested as architecture, sculpture, craftsmanship; Man’s record of his cosmic discoveries.

In the phenomenal universe, Andrew displays Nature’s own opulences: the most magnificent skies, the grandest mountains, the bluest oceans, the most picturesque waterfalls, the most luxuriant foliage, the most splendid creatures. All is spectacular, a world of superlatives co-existant in one harmonious unification, an amalgamation of the parts to the Whole in a symphonically orchestrated arrangement of a visual incantation in praise of the glory of Creation; a miraculous meeting place of the elements in an interplay of natural forces in a panorama of a wondrous planet our Mother Earth.Spencer

To see through the eyes of a visionary artist is to behold the works of the Almighty, that in all this vast universe, we witness the creativity of a Supreme Intelligence down even to the smallest atom, and even within that, the microcosmic existence of worlds within worlds, all perfect, all divine and ever enchanting; the River of Time, teeming with the diversity of Life, flowing from Eternity to infinity.

To perceive clearly is to know the Truth, and through Andrew we are given that glimpse, a reminder that in this world there is still holy ground; that Beauty and Order are treasures given to us for an esthetic enjoyment and for the upliftment of Humanity to an expanded consciousness, toward a crystal clarity of mind and a lucidity of being. It is as though the dust of millennia accumulated on our own eyes was washed away, enabling us to experience the wonder of the visible world like that of a newborn, of Paradise lost regained!

The Primal, The Archetypal, the Mythological, the Ancient, these have an intriguing fascination for Andrew. It is the timelessness, the enduring nature of the spirit that he captures, yet his approach is thoroughly modernistic in concept.

Life is more than meets the eye and in the domain of the mind, limitation is only defined according to the imagination of the artist.

TheKissThrough his meticulous and astute observation of detail, Andrew is able to convey a convincing spatial vista that incorporates, within the same composition, simultaneous and inter-dimensional mingling of imminent and transcendent Reality: a breakdown of our conventional programmed way of seeing. That is the skill of the artist-to open our eyes, to de-condition us from our lazy mode of awareness.

This talent with which Andrew has been endowed is a royal gift that is shared with joyful appreciation for all that is magnificent, all that is sacred, a simple and yet profound statement for the benefit and pleasure of all mankind.

This same keen perception of Andrew’s, when surveying even the mundane so lovingly, cherishing the actual quality of the finest information, imbues the work with the jewel-like preciousness, yet the work does not appear overlabored but remains a dynamic handful of vitality.

Andrew’s enthusiasm and zest for life flow freely through his art. His sensitivity and masterful renditions have earned him the recognition and respect as one of today’s foremost visionary artists, and without a doubt a significant place is reserved for him in the unfolding history of the civilized world’s greatest accomplishments

Richard Letney, R.C.A,, M.A.


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