Evening in Ulupalakua

Evening Ulupalakua


space-tFrom my home in Maui, I could walk to this view in five minutes.

The eucalyptus tree seen in the foreground is not a native Tree to Hawaii.

Situated in the middle of 22,000 acre Ulupalakua cattle Ranch, great views including Makena Beach, La Perouse Bay and the islands of Kahoolawe  and Molokini can be seen in the distance.


[colored_box variation=”silver”] [one_third]• SKU: AA140103
Title: Evening Ulupalakua
Subject: Upcountry Maui
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Completed: 2000
Pieces: One
[/one_third] [one_third]• Medium: Oil on Canvas
Style: Classic Oceanview
Colors: Blue, Green, Brown
Signed: Yes
Frame: n/a
Purchase: Giclee, Other
[/one_third] [one_third_last]• Dim: 18″ x 32″
Dim-Set: n/a
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