Monets Muse


I contemplated creating a metamorphic work using a recognizable or famous person as the subject. I chose Monet the Painter and found some old photographs of his face.

The large beard facilitated the portrait to mix between the two worlds.
The large 1860’s dresses of the women of that era worked well for the illusion and the beard.

In his earlier days Monet spent more time in Paris and this is the era I chose. This is a rainy night in Paris and the café Guerbois hosted many of the impressionist artists (lower right).

In the lower left Monet can be seen returning from a day of painting in the countryside. Which was His preferred method of painting, later in His life.



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Title: Monets Muse
Subject: Monet in Paris
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Completed: 2003
Pieces: One
[/one_third] [one_third]• Medium: Oil on Canvas
Style: Metamorphic
Colors: Blue, Pink
Signed: Yes
Frame: n/a
Purchase: Giclee, Other
[/one_third] [one_third_last]• Dim: 44″ x 32″
Dim-Set: n/a
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