Egyptian Enigma


space-tThrough a civilization whose primary orientation was mystical, whose art forms were exquisite, whose culture was unique inter dimensionality crosses all borders timeless mystery is revealed, gateways to super consciousness are opened.

~Andrew Annenberg

As the sun sets on an ancient time, Egyptian Enigma represents a coalescence of past present and future. From the center of the world the temple of time emerges energizing the sacred structures of ancient Egypt, the greatest of megalithic culture of the world.

No other culture has inspired more art forms or encouraged the evolution of the soul. a prime focus for this civilization was to bring about fourth dimensional consciousness through environments of stars in the spheric force fields useful believed for lifting mortal man out of his all-too mortal mire.

Arguably, Egypt is the pinnacle of what may have been an even greater civilization Atlantis. Today we are just beginning to recognize the magnitude of expanded realities brought forth at the time of Egypt’s greatness.

With this work I am bringing together components of architectural archaeological and mythological elements into a Mandella like composition. These symbolic elements woven together purposefully in the painting  are worthy of scrutiny.



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Title: Egyptian Enigma
Subject: Artifacts
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Completed: 1994
Pieces: Three
[/one_third] [one_third]• Medium: Oil on Panel
Style: Visionary
Colors: Gold, Red
Signed: Yes
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[/one_third] [one_third_last]• Dim: 48″ x  48″
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space-tAs we go from the left of the painting with the best of the cat goddess of happiness, animals from the earthly representatives of God in the pantheon of Egyptian mythology, when a cat died Egyptians would shave their eyebrows in mourning.

Along that same side we see Setis earrings, a gold pendant, the scarab and the sacred baboons. The scarab is  the symbol of the sun God. Egyptians were familiar with the site of the beetle rolling a ball on the ground, this action suggested to them that the invisible power which rolled the sun daily across the sky could be represented pictorrialy as a scarab.

The mirror symbolic of the reflection of one’s self on the handle is a representation of the goddess Hathor interpreted as the horn cow goddess of love, happiness, dance and music. Also on the right we see the gold Lotus cup.

Ices which is depicted on the wall mural and wife Osiris looking across at the column which depicts her son Horis.

Aunk is the symbol for eternal all pervading life movement of time and space.  Adorning the Ankh is a little scarab with the sun disk. The hand is a multidimensional in or out of separate realities kind of symbol.

The gold statue of Sauquett, is a goddess associated with childbirth, nursing, control of magic and healing.  The scorpion symbol on her head represents the potential to heal.  A Crocodile named Sobeck wearing ram horns and Maat’s ostrich plumes, which is showing sobecks link with the order.

The crocodile is one of the most feared ferocious animals the Egyptians had to contend with, they mummified many of them which I saw in Egypt.

Alabaster vase with the eternal flame symbol for spiritual strength necessary to conquer lower nature and gain the secret of life eternal.

In the distance I see three pyramids from front to back: the largest is Khufu pyramid, Khafre, and Menkaure. A gold mummy of King Tutankhamen, a human spinx represents big bridge between higher worlds in underworlds rising through the medium of water.

The mummies crown features Nekhbt the vulture goddess and the cobra representing kundalini rising in the Chakras among others. The mummy is holding the Krook and flail, one of the symbols held by Egyptian Kings in coronation ceremonies, in the emblems of the goal of the God Osiris additionally represented in the underworld.

The torch bearers or tomb robbers are fervently searching for treasure even though there are jewels and artifacts all around.

At the bottom we see a statue of Osiris and across from him is Anubus who is the Jackle headed God of mummification. A shadow is emerging out of the light doorway which is the shadow of the Pharaoh as he enters the underworld. The whole bottom area being a representation of the so-called underworld.

And below the underworld is a representation of the exploration of what we saw: yet another earlier and older civilization in Abidos, Egypt where we viewed a much older temple 50 feet down under the sand now uncovered, for the whole world to see.


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