I have special endearment for the elephant

In this painting elephants were included everywhere. If you look carefully, you will see a large elephant that forms a greater part of the painting. From the mountains where the top of the head is, down to the creek where the trunk lies, you will see the elephant.

A caravan of elephants round the mountain and is led by a large elephant in the front with a girl on top. Her head is circled by seven stars and she holds the light of wisdom above her head.

There are two distinct sides to the painting: on the left, it is tropical and on the right is cold with snow.



[colored_box variation=”silver”] [one_third]• SKU: AA130501
Title: Elefantasia
Subject: Caravan Journey
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Completed: 2002
Pieces: One
[/one_third] [one_third]• Medium: Oil on Canvas
Style: Metamorphic
Colors: Purple, Blue
Signed: Yes
Frame: n/a
Purchase: Giclee, Other
[/one_third] [one_third_last]• Dim: 36″ x 36″
Dim-Set: n/a
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