Pelican Cove


 Pelican Cove exemplifies my love for the ocean



[colored_box variation=”silver”] [one_third]• SKU: AA140129
Title: Pelican Cove
Subject: Pelicans
Location: California
Completed: 2007
Pieces: One
[/one_third] [one_third]• Medium: Oil on Canvas
Style: classic realism
Colors: Blue, Green
Signed: Yes
Frame: n/a
Purchase: Giclee, Other
[/one_third] [one_third_last]• Dim: 24″ x 24″
Dim-Set: n/a
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space-tOceanic themes were strong in my work during the 1980’s and into the early 1990s, with my residency in Hawaii.

Now residing in northern California, I find wonderful coastlines, hidden coves and vistas and the amazing pelican birds.

I have been interested in painting them for years, but felt I needed to be around them in person to get a real feel for expressing their enduring quality.

With the advent of completing this work, I have made a significant contribution to not only the birds, but also a noteworthy coastal image that could even work if the pelicans “flew away”.

The theme of marine coastlines are endless and I’m sure that the 15 years away from the subject has regenerated fuel for newly inspired works such as “Misty Cove” in this genre.


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